this is real

seriously, this has never felt more real.


today we got the dates of our trip. i knew that i was going and i knew it was real, but today, it became actually real. on may 20th, i will be in haiti and on august 10th i will leave haiti.

that makes everything so real. i dont think i can actually say it enough.

lately i have worried so much about funding and found myself once again not trusting that God has a plan for me. which is probably one of the most pathetic thoughts that can even go through my head. i then follow up the negative thoughts with God did not put me here to fail. 

i think that we all take that for granted sometimes. we all want ourselves to believe that we are going to fail. but then you sit back and remember, God loves me more than that. I can only fail if i allow the devil in and allow him to win.

i refuse to let the devil win.

103 days until i step foot in haiti, the place i found so much love, the place my heart calls my second home.


please continue to pray for my team and i as we get closer and closer to being back to the place we are all called to.


if you would like to partner with me in this journey, please contact me


loves and hugs,

tatum img_3458


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