depth and purpose

okay i am dreaming… right? 22 days and i am in haiti!!!!! this is incredible.


i have been ready to go since january, but now that time gets closer i am begging for more time before i leave. so many family members i want to see, so many memories i want to make but not enough time. satan is totally winning right now in the fact that he thinks it is okay to make me feel sad for not being able to be home this summer. satan thinks hes soooo cool when he does this poo.


prayer is so powerful and so incredibly amazing when it comes to situations like this. where i am stuck.

obviously i am going to haiti, and i am going for a reason. i am so excited to go and so excited to see old friends and so excited for all the new friends.

i am fully funded and completely ready to go. the only thing i still need is food… i can NOT forget food lol


so as most of you are reading this (if anyone actually reads this) and you’re probably thinking “okay crazy lady get to the point”


the point is that God gives you opportunities and blesses you with experiences to make you better and to make His kingdom better. i am so proud and humbled to be a kingdom worker each and every day, no matter where i am or what i am doing.

satan is trying so hard to ruin this experience and opportunity for me before i even get a chance to start. learning how powerful prayer is and learning how our God is so much bigger than any of the problems we face is so important and something that i constantly find myself thinking about.

so whatever you may be struggling with, God is bigger and God’s got you. God doesn’t put you in situations to fail. God puts you in places and experiences for a reason, always. do not let satan take that away (i am constantly reminding myself)

prayer is such a powerful part of my walk with Him. here are a few things that you can be praying for before my team and i set foot in haiti in 22 days

  • health (thats a biggie) (spiritual, emotional and physical)
  • safe travels into the country
  • and for every moment up until we leave, have a purpose and depth. (just let that one sink in)

thank you for all of you and all of your support leading up to my trip. this is where i will keep everyone updated while i am in haiti as well! i will be able to keep in touch via facebook messenger as well. please text, call or message me if you have any questions or have any advice as this next adventure in life approaches quickly!

loves and hugs





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