We are here!!!!! 3 planes, 8 hour bus ride and memories are what the first 2 days (Saturday Sunday) consisted of while we made our journey to the mission. 

So far, we have just had intern training and just hung out and gotten to know other staff on campus and just been able to hang out with the kids. 

On Monday we got some free time to do whatever we wanted on campus, so I spent my time with the older girls in the orphanage. I was warned before even getting to campus that they are mean and just try and pick you apart, so I took that as a challenge. I actually loved my time spent with them. They tried to pick on me, but they quickly realized I am just as strong willed as they are and they knew we would get along. So they asked me to “walk” with them, which in Haiti means “will you join our possee” so I considered that a definite victory in my book. 

We also started doing Creole lessons with Paul (pretty much our super protective Haitian father for the next two-ish months) and that started well! 

I have loved getting to know staff and all of the kids on campus! They’re each so amazing and unique in their own ways! 

Yesterday (Tuesday) we got to explore Saint Louis a little bit. We took a “small” hike up and down the mountain behind the mission so when there are teams here, we can lead them on the path we took. 

To my prayer partners: 

Please pray for comfort, as being away from home is already making this summer hard. I know the devil is using that to his advantage, unfortunately. 

Also pray that I get used to the food here, I am a picky person when I am in the states so eating here is definitely a struggle. 
Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged, and believed in me. I can’t believe I am actually here! I am so ready to see what God has in store over the next 70 days. 
loves and hugs, 



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