one down nine to go 

we have already been here a week??????? 

to realize and understand that a week has already gone by, makes me wonder how quickly these next nine will go. 

this past week has already taught me so much. here are a few things i feel are key to what i have learned through experiences 

• Gods plans are better than mine 

•the other staff here are incredible and I love all of them so much 

•holding babies for long periods of time makes you sweaty (but i am not complaining) 

•always wear sunscreen (always) 

•coke is good (like really really good) 

• God is faithful in his ways, you just need to be still (Exodus 14:14) 

• deodorant and showers are a gift from above (don’t be shy, just reapply) 
i am becoming more and more aware of the Holy Spirit and how it moves in me. God has a plan for me and i don’t know it yet, but i know it’s amazing. God did not put me here to fail. 
realizing and understanding that i am a small puzzle piece of God’s huge puzzle is amazing. God needs each and every puzzle piece to make His masterpiece. without me, His puzzle is not complete. my goal for this upcoming week is to make each person i come in contact with, realize that they are a puzzle piece too. and without them, God’s work is not complete. so when you feel like you aren’t worth anything or feeling like you don’t matter (which i get caught up in more times than id like to admit) that you are part of the puzzle, too. each of us is a unique piece of a giant puzzle, and each of us is needed. Ephesians 4:1 really sums up what i am trying to say “as a prisoner of the lord, i urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received” 

be a puzzle piece that influences other puzzle pieces 

loves and hugs, 



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