two down eight to go 

there is no way we have been here two weeks! time has flown by. these past two weeks have been nothing but fun. bonding with other staff and the ministries surrounding me has given me so much comfort in the midst of missing home and people i love and miss. 

there are a few ministries i have really plugged into on campus that i will continue to pour into and get connected with. before leaving for haiti, i told myself that i was going to haiti to plug into the nutrition program. I was convinced that was where i needed to be and where God would use me best. little did i know, that was not where He wanted me. 

these past two weeks i have found myself wandering over to the birthing center with any free time i have. *side note* for any of you who know me, i don’t do ANYTHING medical and nothing to do with blood or needles or pain whatsoever *side note over* in the birthing center, women can go to give birth and also receive post and pre natal care for free at any time. i find myself going over and loving on literally brand new babies and hanging out with the nurses. one of the nurses already has such a special place in my heart and i have found myself calling her “mom” more times than i would like to admit. 

the second ministry i have really loved getting connected with is brothel ministry. these women are INCREDIBLE. they have been coming to bible study for awhile now, and i have just been blessed to have a small glimpse into what they do. these women who were rescued out of their jobs at the brothel, come to the mission on Tuesday and Friday to make jewelry. they make jewelry out of cardboard boxes and sell them at the mission store. they make jewelry for about an hour and then they do a bible study. i would age never guessed this would be the ministry that i would fall in love with, but God continues to surprise me and bless me with new opportunities. if you would like to see or purchase any of the jewelry please let me know and i can send pictures so you can purchase them! the money they make from selling their jewelry goes into a savings account ran by the mission for them. it will be given to them as they graduate out of the program. it will help them pay rent and get themselves on their feet, without resorting back to their jobs at the brothel. 

i also have been spending some time with the orphanage girls, who are amazing! they are such a fun group of girls who really just want to have fun!!!! 

through all of my new adventures, there is one bible verse that really sticks out to me. Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave you nor forsake you” this was in one of my daily devotions and it just really gives me comfort when i feel like i am not where God wants me, or mostly where i don’t want to be. i just know and trust that Gods plan is better than i know and with Him, anything is possible. when we have God’s assurance behind us, the most amazing strength becomes our own. 

our first team comes in tomorrow (Monday) and i  am beyond excited for this summer to start in full swing! 

please keep my team and i in your prayers as we continue to bond and learn to work together. please also pray for the teams coming in that they will take full advantage of opportunities they will be given! also pray for health for everyone 🙂 

thank you all for your love and support ❤️
loves and hugs, 



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