this week i have learned so much. 

on monday a new team came in. only two of them had ever been to haiti before so i had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. so once they arrived, we all were very anxious to see how God was going to use them. this team came in with a miriam center focus (which is our home for special needs children). on tuesday the team did devos and yoga with all of the kids. we had a blast doing that. the team and the kids love each other. after that we had some down time. and for those of you who know me, i love babies. so i was drawn to a little baby and her mother sitting in the courtyard. this baby was smiling like crazy and was so precious. after talking to her for awhile, i found out that they were here to get therapy started on the baby. she has clubbed feet and the mom knew that she could get help here. so autumn, our therapist here on campus, asked me if i wanted to help put casts on this babies legs to start her ten week casting therapy. so of course i said yes without any hesitation. i learned so much about therapy and how the mission helps babies and children with disabilities. after we casted this babies legs, i got to help autumn make wrist molds for part of our kids therapy. 

the team has done so many fun things in the short time they’ve been here. we took all of the miriam center kids to the beach, had many dance parties, had a movie night and just invested in the kids lives. this team is nothing short of amazing and i can’t wait to see how they finish up their last day and a half here. 

yesterday, we hiked to a waterfall just for a relaxing day. after hanging out there for awhile, two of the girls felt called to be baptized in the river where we were at! i was so excited we got to celebrate their proclamation of faith with them! God is so good! 

these past few weeks have been a little rough for me. i have really been struggling with homesickness and feeling like i’m missing out on stuff at home. i know that God has a plan and there is definitely a reason i am here. i can’t wait for these last five weeks to see what works God still has in store for me. thank you all for your prayers and your kind messages throughout the weeks. you guys are what keep me happy and motivated! thank you all for what you mean to me!
loves and hugs



One thought on “learning 

  1. Tatum,

    You were such an inspiration to me when I was there! Thank you for serving and being the hands and feet of Christ. Prayers for you, the mission and the people’s whose lives are being touched.


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