this week has been a pretty relaxed week. the team i was with left on Monday so the rest of the week i had time to spend with the other team that was here and lay low. 

the group that just left last night was a group of people who had never been here before. going into this week with them we all had a very open mind and were excited to see how God was going to use them to minister to the people inside and outside of the mission gates. this team was so excited to dive in and get a small glimpse into each program we have here on campus. watching them love and care for each different program was such a cool experience. although each day was fun with new adventures, my favorite day was Saturday. on Saturday the team planned a beach day outing for all of our gran moun which is our senior citizen residence on campus. they haven’t been outside the gates in over four years so they all were so excited to be leaving and letting loose for a day at the beach. as much fun as it was to see them exited, i really focused on the excitement of the staff. 24/7 these women are devoting themselves to serving others and pouring out their gifts and talents to be completely selfless. watching these women dance and laugh and let loose was so fun. they have so much joy and it is so contagious and i strive to be more like them. these women work together and work to benefit others and make each other stronger. Proverbs 27:17 comes to mind when thinking about these women. “As iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another” these women are such an inspiration and contagious in their ways. 

this week has been so relaxed. although relaxing is great and needed, it also gives me too much time to think. the thoughts of missing home are often overwhelming and sometimes too much to handle. other times my thoughts are sad because i have to leave here in less than a month. coming to the realization i will have to say see you later to the people who i have built such strong relationships with and connected with is something i dread. knowing that it’s a “see you later” instead of a “goodbye” makes it a little more bearable. but instead of “goodnight see you tomorrow” it will be a “see you later, but i don’t know when” is slowly breaking my heart. 

please continue to pray for health for the interns and other staff. also please pray that the relationships I have with people will get stronger. please pray for my heart and the other interns heart as we slowly come the the reality that our time here is getting shorter and shorter. 
loves and hugs 


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