this week has been a great week. the team that came in on monday have been rockstars. this team is willing to do anything and everything! 

ive got two very specific highlights of this past week. one of them is quite odd, but i promise it will make you giggle. 
the first highlight of my week is a sweet boy. him and i met during my first week here. his name is kinderson. he lives in our special needs home here on campus called the miriam center. he is the most unique and special person i have met in my life. his smile makes my insides happy and his snuggles are amazing. kinderson is a very unique human in the sense that no one can really diagnose what is happening with him or even get a slight understanding of what is going on in his head. but that doesn’t matter to me. what matters to me is his smile when he sees me, his smile when im pushing him in a hammock or his precious face when he’s sleeping. kinderson makes me so happy and the thought of leaving him in three short weeks already breaks my heart. 
the second highlight of my week is definitely something you’re going to have to read twice! i shredded approximately sixty, yes you read right, sixty pounds of spam. (Yes you read that right) and it was the best time. i still haven’t figured out why i had such an amazing time doing it. it was probably a mixture of the fact that i was feeding someone, and the fact that i was surrounded by good people while doing it! i definitely have found my calling in life (not really but it was fun while it lasted) 
as i mentioned before, there are just three short weeks before i head back to the states. my time here has been flying by and the reality of the word leaving is sinking in quickly. please pray for my heart as time gets shorter and shorter and i have to begin my “see you later’s” to the ones I’ve drawn so close to. also please pray for the team as they are still here and still working in incredible ways. please keep everyone’s health also in your prayers! the lack of sleep really takes a toll on people, but it’s totally worth it (: 

thank you for everyone who has been so supportive through this whole process. thank you to all of my friends and family who have sent encouragement to me through my week; y’all rock! 

see y’all soon (unfortunately) (i mean that with the most love in my heart) 


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