here i am

these past couple weeks have been insane.

lets back up. these past seven months have been a rollercoaster of blessings. in july 2016 i applied for an internship to be at northwest haiti christian mission for the whole summer of 2017. when i applied i knew that i would have to wait until january 16th, 2017. but i figured time would go by fast… but boy was i wrong. time drug on but i was busy. starting my first semester of college and what not made life a little stressful. i tried to forget about the internship and the devil continued to tell me to stop thinking about it because i wouldn’t get it anyways. and of course, the devil was winning his fight. i figured i wasn’t going to get the internship and to just stop worrying. so i did. and with that, i started spending all of the money i had been saving up for this trip. so january 13th rolls around, and i got an email that changed my whole life.

i was accepted to be an intern summer 2017, in the most beautiful place on earth.

i celebrated for about 2 seconds and then i set into panick. again, the devil. i started worrying about things that didn’t matter, like who else got the internship, if i would like them, if they would like me and on and on.

i was letting the devil win, and quickly realizing it, i knew i needed to fix it.

putting my trust in God has never been easy. i’m actually pretty sure it isn’t easy for anyone. so of course, what i did is panic and found myself upset. upset at God for allowing me to be upset (which is silly) and upset that i didn’t have money, upset that i was allowing myself to be upset.

with posting on facebook, i have already gotten an insane amount of love and support from friends and family. so thank you, if anyone is actually reading this. i have been waking up feeling more hopeful than i was before. i am slowly learning that God has a plan and He did not bless me with this opportunity to watch me fail. God’s plans will succeed, i just need to be obedient.

lots of people have asked what i will be doing while i am there. i will be living in Saint Louis du Nord at the northwest haiti mission. i will be pouring into ministries on campus and connecting with people who come to the mission. i will also get to go out with a team that comes from the states, through nwhcm. i will go with another intern and we will be with the group to make sure everyone is safe and just to get some different experiences in haiti.


i am asking all friends and family to be prayer warriors for my team and i. it feels like a lifetime away before we leave, but it is going to come quick! prayers for health (emotional, physical and spiritual), connection within the group and prayers that we will all be fully funded.

i will try and post on this page as much as possible (:


thank you all for all your support

Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord and your plans will succeed”


loves and hugs,